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Conveniently pay your dental bill online!


Brite Smile Family Dental Care has partnered with Patient Pay Center to offer online bill payment for our patients! Follow the link below, sign up for an account and use the statement code PNJ54X to pay your statement. 


From the Patient Pay Center Web Site:


"Patient Pay Center was created by Electronic Lockbox Services, LLC to alleviate the inconvenience that many patients experience when they are unable to pay their dental bills online. Many patients are hesitant to pay their bills over the phone or through the mail because of the increasingly growing threat of fraud that is perpetrated through the theft of financial and protected health information (PHI). Patient Pay Center's online payment portal utilizes 256-bit encryption and does not store credit card information, thus ensuring that all payments processed are safe and secure."



Go to and use statement code PNJ54X to pay your statement online today! 

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